Quality Policy

Dunya Construction is a special company with its qualified and experienced employees in the construction sector.

We recognize that our primary asset is the contribution to people and the country. We work with our customers like a team. Mutual respect provides a basement between us and our customer in order to make success in business.

Our principle is to increase the customer satisfaction by using the differences that we have as an institute. Because of those reasons, our basic principles of quality policy are created and stated as below

  • We try to increase the customer satisfaction by focusing totally on customer  requirement
  • Satisfying the customer at every time with continuing customer-oriented studies,
  • All builder structures and serving about the issue and doing the work as a customer’s expectations; producing much more comfortable and safe.
  • By understanding our customer carefully, we increase our service quality.
  • We suit to new technical and technological improvements, with our base and employees.
  • Increasing our perfection both as firm and as employees
  • Operating firm periods, quality of service and staffs with thought of continuous improvement.
  • With that, we take up seriously and apply the thought of quality management system which is based on ISO 9001:2000