Integrity & Commitment


We stick to our quality values, honesty and hard working as Dunya Construction International Commerce. We never think to harm consciously to others with our products, commerce activations and services. We do care about our customer privacy and important information. We do not give any information to a third part man. We do not affect companies and institutes which connected with us about our activities or in our direction to provide ability of decision and we suppose that it is unethical.

We do not do mistakable explanations, comments and declaration about us and others’ commercial and financial states.

We always hold the responsibility of our commerce and provided service and if there happens any mistake that belongs to us about these issues, we correct our mistakes.


Our Company works with high efficiency activity in finding solutions for our clients to achieve their best goals. Our company is different since our customers are aware of our effort and our teams push on the issue always makes are customers happier.  Dunya Construction International Commerce Company directs its services with different ways. All ways are constructed due to clients requirements. Whatever the our duty and service is , our customers are always trust us about providing the high level service, benefiting from high level staffs, in-house resources which are extensive and unique in industry.