Human Resources


As WORLD CONSTRUCTION International limited company we know that our employees are inseparable part of us.  That's why our priority is to train and improve our team-mates.  Based on this principle, our company creates equal opportunities for all our employees and defines the most convenient developmental possibilities for them and we regard all employees that we recruited at the start positions as potential manager of the future.

Our Employee Profile

WORLD CONSTRUCTION team is a group of people who are young, dynamic, hardworking, creative, self-lover and job-lover, hospitable and have a socially responsible mind-set.   His/her priority is to accept & provide & finalize every job with a service-friendliness mind-set. 


To apply for a job, candidates can complete Job Application Form in WORLD CONSTRUCTION Office or send their resumes to the e-mail address link provided in the HR section of our website.   All applications are evaluated by HR Department.  Eligible candidates are invited for interview.  All candidates who are interviewed are provided with a feedback about the result of interviews. 

The first criterion in recruitment of personnel is the candidates who are willing to develop him/her in the sector.   All applicants who are professionals adopted team-working as a principle and keep his/her service-friendliness any time are indispensable candidates to be our personnel.   All candidates are evaluated with the same conditions under equal opportunity principle.  Employees can be repositioned in different departments in parallel positions, in addition to vertical career development.

To apply:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.